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The age of fourteen was a defining age in my life. I discovered two of the biggest loves of my life, God and music. For me, I don’t think it was a coincidence that I discovered these loves at the same time; from the outset I knew these passions were to work together hand-in-hand. 

As a young teenager, I’d always been a massive fan of Michael Jackson; the guy’s a genius. I obsessed over his music. But it wasn’t just his songs that intrigued me. I was captivated by the craft; the fact that someone can express their heart and emotion through a song, delivering messages that can change lives. I picked up the family acoustic guitar, taught myself the basics and started writing.

As my new love for music grew, I still felt like something was missing, so I started to attend church. In April 2006, I responded to the Gospel and dedicated my life to Jesus. This wasn’t a casual decision, but one of conviction and purpose. God turned my world around. No longer did I need to feel the pressure of living up to an impossible standard, and the more I discovered God, the more I discovered myself. I’ve learned what it means to love and forgive people, and to trust in God when you don’t have all the answers.

Over the years, I continued my journey in writing. I wrote an abundance of songs, learning the craft of expression. I showed a teacher at my school one of my songs, in which she responded: “It’s a great song, but you probably shouldn’t sing.” I didn’t give up. I pushed harder, writing more songs until I finally had a song that was listenable.

After high school, I had the privilege of joining the music team at City Impact Church. I began to write songs from the heart for a congregational setting. In 2011, I was fortunate enough to have my first song titled ‘This is God’ released to the public during a worship service. I was encouraged by the positive response, which propelled me to explore new styles and creative ways of writing. In 2013, I completed an internship at the church, learning how to orchestrate, produce and record music. I’m extremely privileged and grateful to have the songs I have written reach people in many parts of the world.

At the start of 2016, I felt the call to embark on a solo project. I spent the year writing songs from an intimate perspective. The collation of these songs were released in October 2017 on my debut EP titled Close.

At the start of 2018, I embarked on writing my debut full-length album titled Undercurrents. During that year, I went through a season where I felt distant from God. I’m not sure why, but I just felt like a stranger to Him. Enough to say, I used my experience to craft the album Undercurrents, which speaks of my distance and how the Lord guided me through it. Undercurrents was released in August 2019.

The heart behind my music is to present worship from a unique angle, using fresh lyrics and imagery to reveal what it's like to be connected to God in an honest way. My music is not about painting a perfect life, but understanding our imperfection and embracing the perfection only Jesus Christ holds. Above all, I just want to worship God and let people know that they are loved by Him. He’s not a distant being, but a person who can be known closely and intimately.

- Kane

Apart from being an artist, Kane currently works as a musician, songwriter and producer at City Impact Church under Pastors Peter and Bev Mortlock. He resides in Auckland, New Zealand.